33 Reasons Ladies Should Lift


1.    It’ll make you feel awesome. The endorphin release is super high.


2.    It’s easy to track progress, so there’s a great sense of accomplishment.


3.    That sense of accomplishment will give you a greater sense of purpose at the gym. More-so than just going to ‘get fit’.


4.    It’s even more rewarding to people who are patient and considered. I’m not saying any more about the gender difference here…


5.    It’ll bust stress. You deal with a lot of crap. Take it out on the weights.


6.    There’s even some research to suggest that it can reduce PMT.


7.    It’s fantastic for ageing in loads of ways


8.    But importantly it keeps things toned and where they should be.


9.    It’s also great for the joints


10.                       And for your bone strength.


11.                       It can make you stronger than the men you know, especially in lower body lifts like squats and deadlifts.


12.                       Which will make you feel like a complete Xena Warrior Princess level badass.


13.                       It’ll improve co-ordination, which makes you better at loads of things


14.                       And even makes you less clumsy


15.                       It won’t just make you stronger, it can make you faster.


16.                       It can get rid of those backaches you get from work and driving.


17.                       It’ll make day to day tasks easier. Moving the sofa? No problem. Carrying the shopping in from the car in one trip? Breeze.


18.                       Which will make you feel loads more independent.


19.                       It’ll build muscle


20.                       and it’ll build muscle in the most important areas to make clothes look awesome on you.


21.                       As well as making you feel super confident out of them.


22.                       Toned legs


23.                       Toned bum


24.                       Toned abs


25.                       Which won’t just make you look and feel superb, but will improve your posture


26.                       Which can make you taller…


27.                       And keep you feeling your best as you age.


28.                       More muscle means more metabolism.


29.                       Which means less fat


30.                       And you get to eat more food….


31.                       More food (because it deserves saying twice)


32.                       People will definitely say “she squats” about you


33.                       And you won’t just feel good, you’ll kick ass.




Look out for part 2, where we will bust the myths surrounding female weight training (with science!)


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Dan Mennell is a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach working in Staffordshire and Shropshire.


He writes regular fitness articles and creates other informative free-content.


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