30 Minutes or Less...

So, in a previous instalment we talked about times of stress.


When you don’t have time or just don’t feel like exercise. If you’ve read the previous blog, you’ll now know that you need to break out of that negative groove- in short, exercise WILL make you feel better!


You don’t need to let life get in your way!


Got 30 minutes for a workout? Then try these!



Three workouts to help you build muscle, torch fat and get fitter, even when life is determined to get in your way.


Ring the Bell-


This workout can be done at home if you have a kettlebell or can be done in a gym.


This is my choice of workout when I can't get to the gym and only have30 minutes.


All you need is one Kettlebell and enough space to not break anything!



Stretch the hip flexors, glutes, hips, legs and upper back.


Do 30 bodyweight lunges or squats (break them into sets of 10 if you need to),

20 seconds of arm circles and a plank.

Run through each of the movements in the main workout to grease the groove.


Time taken- 10 minutes



The main workout is a Kettlebell complex (remember, doing lots of exercises back to back without dropping the weight).


Complete each set of the complex then rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute.


If you’re really stressed and tired or just getting back into the swing of things then go for less repetitions and longer rests.


You can either set yourself a goal of doing a certain number of sets or just set a timer and stop when it’s done.


This is great if you’re rushed for time, just set the clock and get in as much work as you can before it goes off.


Alternating 1 arm clean and press 5-10 reps per side

Goblet Squat 5-10 reps

Kettlebell Stiff legged deadlift 5-10 reps

Kettlebell Swing 5-10 reps


Then rest for 30 second to a minute, then repeat!


Time taken- 15 minutes.



Stretch out or foam roll your hip flexors, glutes, hips, legs and upper back.


Time taken- 5 minutes.



Total Workout Time- 30 minutes.

The Not so Complex Complex-


This workout can be completed with any kind of free-weight.


It’s ideal for a quick gym blast, but can also be done at home if you have a pair of Dumbbells or Kettlebells.



Stretch the hip flexors, glutes, hips, legs and upper back


If you’re at home do 30 bodyweight lunges or squats (break them into sets of 10 if you need to),

30 seconds of arm circles (or 30 face-pulls if you’re at the gym) and a plank.

Time taken- 10 minutes



The main portion of this workout with be a complex, so all exercises are done back to back without putting the weight down-


Standing overhead press 5-10 reps

Front squat 5-10 reps

Standing bent-over row 5-10 reps

Stiff-legged deadlift 5-10 reps

Rest for 30 seconds to a minute and repeat.


You could literally do that for 15 minutes, take 5 minutes to cooldown with some stretches and tie a ribbon on it. Total workout time would come to 30 minutes.


But, if you feel like over achieving, we can add some farmer’s walks into the mix too.


If you’re doing the workout with kettlebells or dumbbells, simply finish the complex then walk or run with the weights at your sides for a further 15-30 seconds.


Then rest.


If you’re doing it with a barbell, set that down and have a set of dumbbells or kettlebells ready to grab.



This could also work well if you train with a partner. Simply adopt a ‘you go, I go’ approach. One of you rests whilst the other works. Give it a go and let me know how you found it!

Super 7s-


The issue with complexes are that the weight you can use is limited by the weakest movement in the chain.


They are fantastic as a short term solution or used alongside more traditional strength building protocols, but in the long term you will run out of room to progress.


This workout is a blend of heavier lifting and lighter sets to avoid the problems inherent in a complex.


Instead of a complex, we will use super-sets, which are two exercises performed back to back with no rest between exercises.


In this workout the super-sets are antagonist super-sets.


In simple English that means that they pair muscle groups and movements that oppose each other- like pushes with pulls, quad exercises with hamstring exercises.


This usually boils down to when the muscles on the front of the body are working, the ones on the back are resting and vice versa.


Because we aren’t as limited by the weakest exercise in the chain, it’s easier to alter the weight to challenge a movement fully.


We can even change the load between sets to hit multiple training effects.


That’s what this workout is about- it’s 7 total minutes of supersets for the lower body followed by 7 total minutes of supersets for the upper body.


During that time we will get reps in that challenge our strength and reps that build or work capacity and increase the work volume to give that muscle building boost.



Stretch the hip flexors, glutes, hips, legs and upper back

Do 30 bodyweight lunges or squats (break them down into sets of 10 if you need to), 30 face-pulls on a cable and a plank.


Time taken- 10 minutes




Super-set Dumbbell or Kettlebell goblet squats with Dumbbell or Kettlebell goblet deadlifts.


For a total of 4 minutes, do 5 reps of goblet squats, followed by 5 reps of goblet deadlifts.


Rest for 30 seconds then repeat.


You should use a weight that is challenging to do for 5 reps. On a scale of 1-10, if 10 were the absolute most you could lift if your life depended on it.


This weight should be between a 7 and an 8- difficult but you could do more if you needed to.


After the 4 minutes, reduce the weight by about 25% (so if you used an 18kg weight for the first 4 minutes, now you use a 14-15kg weight).


Do the same exercises, but do 10 reps of each exercise on the minute, each minute. You then rest for the remainder of the minute before repeating.


Do this for 3 minutes.


Now we can repeat the process for the upper body, this time with a Kettlebell or Dumbbell row followed with a Kettlebell or Dumbbell overhead press.


Follow the exact same pattern as we did with the lower body. 4 minutes of work with heavier weight followed by 3 minutes of lighter weight for more reps.


The great thing about these super-sets is they’re so easy to tailor to your own needs.


Don’t like overhead pressing? Then do a floor press instead.


Don’t like Kettlebells? Use Dumbbells.


You can so easily make up your own supersets.


For the kind of super-sets that we’ve used here, just make sure you’re working opposing movements in each half of the super-set such as push movements with pull movements.


With these two super-sets, almost every muscle in the body has been worked to some degree in 14 minutes and the fast paced nature will probably have left you out of breath too.


Not to mention the fact that doing so much work in a short space of time will send your metabolism rocketing!


Can you say fat burning? 



You can spend the last 5 minutes or so stretching out and cooling off and you’ve got a thirty minute workout!


There you have it. Three workouts to help you build muscle, torch fat and get fitter, even when life is determined to get in your way. 


I hope you have a great time trying some of these ideas out and experimenting to make them your own. 


Find yourself thirty minutes and have at it!


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He writes regular fitness articles and creates other informative free-content.


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