Personal Training at your Home

Struggle for time to make it to the gym?
Find the gym too busy and stressful?

Feel more comfortable exercising at home?

With our Home personal training service, we bring the gym to you! 


If you answered 'YES!' to any of those questions, then having personal training at home might be perfect for you!

My home based personal training sessions are very informal, relaxed and planned around you and your needs. 

And when you're more relaxed, you have more fun! And when you have fun exercising, you see better results!


I have a wide range of equipment that I bring with me to every session, Think of it like a gym on wheels!


 I love to challenge clients with new and interesting bits of kit that you've probably not seen before. This keeps each home personal training session fresh, exciting and challenging rather than seeing the same old equipment, done in the same tired way at your standard gym.


If you have a friend or a family member who's also ready to get fitter and healthier than they've ever been, then they can get involved too! Why not encourage your partner, husband, wife, friends or children to get involved? A little bit of friendly support and competition makes a great session ever better!


I currently cover most of Staffordshire and Shropshire. See the map at the bottom of the page for my catchment areas. If you're unlucky enough to not be  in any of the catchment areas, please still drop me a message! We can work something out, or we can look at online personal training!




I currently cover the following towns and surrounding areas across Staffordshire and Shropshire-

  • Stafford
  • Telford
  • Cannock
  • Lichfield
  • Burntwood

If you're unsure if you're inside my catchment area or to organise a home personal training session, drop me a message below :) 


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