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Are you Training TOO Hard?

Crippled by your workouts? This ones for you. 

Boxers- Are you doing these 5 things?

3 Ways to Avoid Shoulder Pain

If you lift weights, you've probably have had (or got right now!) aching shoulders.


Here's three easy ways to avoid them!

Top 10 Core Exercises

Not getting results from all those sit-ups?


There's a better way to train your 'core'...

Pull-ups- from Beginner to Advanced!

THE best pull-up variation graded from easiest to hardest.

5 Things your Hamstrings do for you!

Your hamstrings are the unsung heroes of your muscular system, learn why you should show them some love!

8 Awesome Hamstring Exercises

Be strong, fast and resilient with these top 8 hamstring exercises.

3 Weight Loss Mind-set Hacks

Winning the mental battle is KEY to weight loss success. Make sure you're not sabotaging yourself.

Cardio Vs Weights!

Should you do cardio before you lift weights? I get this question all the time!

Well, here's your answer. 

33 Reasons Ladies Should Lift!

There's a revolution!

More women are lifting weights than ever.

Here's 33 reasons you should be too! 

Ladies Should Lift (Part 2)- 3 Myths That need to Die!

In this part we pull apart some of the reservations you might have and the myths around women lifting weight. 

Ladies Should Lift (Part 3)- How to Get Started!

If you're a woman looking to start lifting weights, this is your go-to guide! 

Everything you need to go start making some gains!

Stressed? No Time? 3 Workout Ideas Just For You.

So you’re busy. You’re rushed, hassled, stressed, pressured, and harangued.


Here's how to still get your workouts in. 


3 More Workouts for the Busy and the Tired!

3 done-for-you workout plans that'll fit into thirty minutes or less! 


Who says getting fit takes hours each week?!

Ditch the Barbell? (5 Reasons They May not be Right for You.)

Do you need to do Barbell lifts?


The answer might surprise you. 

Fitness Jargon- Busted! (Guest Post!)

Fed up of nonsense fitness jargon?!


Cut through the noise with this handy guide.

Strong Back= Strong YOU!

Getting your back stronger is the fastest way to feel super strong at everything you do.


Here's why....

Double Your Strength and Size

Half the work, twice the reward?


Double your strength and size with this guide.

Is Functional Training that Functional?

What is 'functional' training?

What is 'function'?


It all depends...

The 10 Commandments of Lifting Weight

Thou Shalt....